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Figurative assemblages that include chair or railing spindles

Heart Centered, 2016

This started with a gift of an old croquette set.  The balls are ideal for heads, so I challenged myself to make a face and go from there.  I have been collecting acorn caps on my walk and one of them seemed perfectly suited for this sculpture.

The arms are fabric from an old pair of pjs, and I painted them to highlight their stripes in keeping with the “old croquette set” feel.


Heart Centered, 2016

Heart Centered, 2016


“Carmen”  2012 (SOLD)

Assemblage Sculpture, approximately 26″ tall

Antique Stair Spindle, Recycled Porcelain Doll Head and Arms, Vintage Thread Spindles,

Found Porcelain Rose Cup, Acrylic Paint

SOLD at “Discardia” exhibit July 2012


“Dorothy”  2012 (SOLD)

Assemblage, approximately 30″ Tall

Constructed using antique stair spindle, 2 recycled porcelain doll heads, antique mattress

spring, acrylic paint, recycled porcelain doll hands, antique thread spindles, wire.

SOLD at “Discardia” exhibit July 2012

Juliette 2011

 Juliette 2011

Assemblage: Antinque Chair Spindles, paper clay, recycled fabric, acrylic paint, tin

Juliette is available for viewing and purchase at the ACCI Gallery in Berkeley

Please contact the artist for pricing

Do I Measure Up?

Do I Measure Up? 2011

Assemblage: antique sand mold, re-cycled porcelain doll feet, old articulated ruler and other small bits.

Stands anywhere from 12″ to 24″ tall, depending on how you arrange the articulated ruler. 

Please contact artist for pricing.