Stretching and Challenge

I’m at that place with my output where I either dive in and take huge risks or remain content with charming sculptures that are “Tim Burton-esque”.  Both are valid choices.  One is more difficult than the other.  I want so much to stretch into larger scale installation pieces and this requires space.  More than my cramped garage can hold.

I woke up about a year ago with an image in my mind … well two of them.  One of them taps into the gestation phase that influences all of my work.

For me, gestation directly speaks to my process.  I let ideas and inspiration “cook” in my mind and spirit for a long time before anything happens in the real world.  Gestation is also something that fascinates me in a real sense.  I was born premature (by a month), apparently anxious to get “out of there”.  The interesting thing for me is that I keep revisiting the womb in various ways.  Some of my earlier pieces were literally baby dolls with magnifying classes in front of them.  I’m still fascinated by those pieces.  I’m compelled to look closer, to magnify, to “get inside” that idea of gestation and birth.

I will continue to work toward the large scale piece that wants to come out.  Maybe if I build it, an opportunity will come to present it.  If I believe it, I will see it.

Now, GO BE CREATIVE!  xoxo

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