Blooming Spring after a drenched and cold Winter.  I’ve been cleaning out my studio the last few weeks.  Getting rid of uninspiring objects and cleaning.  I found the carcass of a hummingbird in one of my open containers.  I thought I had saved the little bugger last Summer, but alas, he pooped out.  My inner Feng Shui Teacher helped me realize that it’s good to dig into the dark corners on occasion to dig out what has died and dried up.  And to see the truth.  I was living under the illusion the last several months that my scheme to lure the little guy back outside had worked, and he was flying around happy and avoiding garages.

I’m starting to work on new things – a few dioramas, starting to combine paper clay busts and body parts with assemblage.  No great success yet, but the act of experiment is energizing.  I feel like my work is ready for a new direction.  An expanded version of what has been.

Wishing you all a month of clearing out the cobwebs, discovering small truths that shed light on wrong assumptions and always good health and at least one good laugh a day.


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