Tomas Saraceno & Richard Serra @ SF MOMA

A friend and I decided … okay my friend convinced me to view Tomas Saraceno’s work at SF MOMA.  It was a truly marvelous experience!  I found myself contemplating time and space, perspective, and my place in the world.  This installation brought my attention to the present.  For one thing, I had to be aware of where my feet were landing so I wouldn’t trip and bring down the whole installation … yes, that would happen with me.  On a more esoteric level, the mirrors and the cables and the mirrors reflecting other mirrors should have been disorienting, but it wasn’t.  I felt like the only person in the room, trying to find my place in this visual feast.

We walked to the top floor and we were both captured by the light coming through the skylight.

We ended our visit with Richard Serra which was expansive and solitary.  I felt cut off and a little frightened that the steel walls could tumble in on me.  And then we discovered that we could send one of our voices along the wall and it would reach one ear of the person standing across the chamber.  It was stark and wondrous.

All is all, a perfect day!

Tomas Saraceno

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